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Come and see the variety of opportunities we have that fit your talents, needs and abilities! We offer positions in business administration, accounting, human resources, night support, nursing and medical technicians, maintenance, food services, accounting, social media marketing or clinical records management and more!

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Caregiver Meal Perks

  • Wellness & Self Care Programs

  • Health, Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance

  • Competitive Wages & Salaries

  • Paid Time Off

Our benefits include​

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Non-Profit, Meaningful Work

  • 401k & HSA Matching

  • Ski Passes

  • Financial Advisor Access

  • Career Development


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Elevate Academy Logo

Serves distressed teens with mood and behavior disorders, anxiety, trauma, attachment & adoptions issues.

Spark Academy Logo

Serves autism spectrum or neurodiverse teens, helping them regulate their emotions and gain skills for improving life.


Serves autism spectrum or neurodiverse girls with a focus on building resilience and skills in a quiet country setting.


Serves autism spectrum or neurodiverse boys who struggle regulating themselves and engaging in life, treatment and education.

Excellence, Continuous Learning, Innovation, and Relationships.


EXCELLENCE: Our Caregivers always strive to do their best! Top performers at our company are driven by their passion! When you work for us, it’s more than just a job. It’s who you are! We value performance and reward employees who contribute through efficient and effective work.


CONTIUOUS LEARNING: We believe continuous learning is essential to making employees successful in our company. Our ongoing training will help you build skills and knowledge necessary to develop your career path! Being one of the largest treatment programs in the nation means we provide many opportunities for promotion and professional development! You will advance your career by working at The Heritage Community!

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INNOVATION: There has never been a time that we have sat stagnant! Always, we are looking at how we can do new things and do them better! The Heritage Community has been a pioneer in the residential treatment industry. If you are not afraid to ask the questions, “Why?”, then you will fit right into our culture of being the best treatment providers.

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RELATIONSHIPS: Our Founder, Jerry Spanos, started groundbreaking work by introducing relationship-based treatment, known today as the Spanos Model. This teaches that relationships are essential for change and healing! Emotional support & vulnerability, with proper boundaries, act as bonds between caregiver and youth. Relationships are at the center of all we do! We win by helping others win!

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