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The Heritage Community  has continuously been licensed by the Utah State Department of Health and Human Services since 1984. and maintains both Residential Treatment and Residential Support Licenses for treating students 12-18 years of age.

“We stay in regular contact with our state licensing body, reporting incidents and providing transparent information to ensure the highest quality of care for our students.”


Treatment Accreditation & Associations

As one of the longest running and most experienced residential treatment centers, Heritage holds accreditation from the Joint Commision for our quality standard of care. We maintain membership with industry associations and programs to promote and ensure maintain the industry’s highest standards in care.


Joint Commission

(25 Years)

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National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs



NATSAP Research Designated  Program


Certified Horsemanship Association


Education Accreditation & Associations

Heritage is certified to receive students from all over the nation. Our special education certified and experienced teachers are specialized in educations methods specific to your son or daughter's diagnosis. Both parents and school districts appreciate our team's expertise in the IEP process. They offer regular positive feedback about our effective  reporting and communication processes.

California Department of Education

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Utah State Board of Education

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Washington Superintendent of Public Education





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