Why it Works

Children cannot master the skills they need for a happy, successful life without a sense of connection and belonging. At the Heritage Community, we understand that it takes a village to prepare adolescents and teens for happy, healthy, productive lives. Our campus environment and therapeutic programs introduce students to the benefits of community and the development of strong relationships.

Heritage students participate in clinically designed programs that teach them the importance of focus and dedication for improving outcomes in their lives. Our students learn that, whether working in the campus bike shop, playing sports or performing in a play, the value of any task lies with its completion.

Specialized Therapeutic Support
Specialized Therapeutic Support

Each of the Heritage academies — Peers Academy, Elevate Academy and Launch — employs a distinct curriculum that we tailor individually to each student. Students may participate in some or all our programs, including individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, specialty group therapy (adoptions, trauma, dialectical behavior therapy, play therapy, etc.), equine therapy, experiential/adventure therapy, and recreation therapy.

Our evidence-based programs allow us to work side by side with students to advance their development and guide them through the therapeutic progress. To help facilitate their future success, we ensure that our students learn to chart and navigate their own course toward healthy, productive behavior and successful life choices.

At the Heritage Community, we utilize advanced data science models to improve treatment outcomes. We have established a strong reputation for our researched-based programs and protocols and how effective they are for enriching the lives of our students and their families.

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At the Heritage Community, our academics team brings life to learning and learning to life for our students to ensure their future success. Through innovative education, a pedagogical learning approach and a committed community, we assist our students in achieving excellence while developing a profound respect for knowledge and a tenacious desire to learn.

Many of our students struggle with conventional approaches to learning. By combining a research-based approach with innovative and eclectic methods, our academics team immerses students in an environment that allows them to thrive. Our innovative educational programs expand students’ intellectual horizons while providing myriad opportunities for exploration, discovery and learning.

Using specially designed experiences inside and outside the classroom, we involve each student in safe, impactful and engaging learning activities. Small classes, led by dedicated academic advisors and compassionate, empathetic teachers, engage and invigorate students who may have never fit into a traditional classroom setting.

The Heritage Community has created a powerful culture of academic excellence where students flourish though a highly effective combination of family support, personalized attention and academic coursework designed to identify each student’s intrinsic potential and talents. Clear, direct instruction and practical learning experiences inspire and motivate students to confidently engage in their education.

Our seasoned academic advisors collaborate with parents and local school districts to ensure that our students engage in relevant and appropriate classwork and accomplish designated academic goals. With support from family, our engaging classes and experienced, sensitive instructors will stimulate your child’s mind, inspiring them to identify and then attain personal goals. A level of attention virtually unparalleled in our industry inspires remarkable academic progress and growth in our students.

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At the Heritage Community, we recognize the importance of spirituality as a component of health and happiness. Our program emphasizes dedicated time for spiritual development and cultivates intrinsic value using techniques that include quiet time, meditation, contemplating nature, journaling, writing letters to friends and family, and reading inspirational works.

We understand the need for students to awaken, nurture and sustain their spirituality. At the Heritage Community, we respect our students’ choice to express and honor their faith according to their personal religious and spiritual beliefs. Our interfaith service program, led by a full-time certified chaplain and pastoral counselor, encourages awareness and voluntary observance of religious traditions and celebrations of diverse denominations. We offer nondenominational services as well as Catholic, Jewish and LDS services. As an alternative, we also provide opportunities for humanitarian service.

Performing Arts

Playing to a packed house in our state-of-the-art, 620-seat Loveland Performing Arts Center is one of the life-changing experiences students have the opportunity to take part in at Heritage.

For many of our students, it takes a conscious effort to transcend their self-imposed limitations. Our students perform for sold-out crowds of friends, family, local community members and Heritage staff. And after three months of dedicated rehearsing, memorizing lines and practicing songs and dances, their efforts are rewarded by thunderous applause and standing ovations.

Visual Arts

The arts are a unique modality in self-expression. We are all born with an innate desire to express ourselves. Art making involves nuanced engagement of all of our senses. Leonardo da Vinci is famously quoted saying “Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.”

Art today encompasses an expansive range of expression from painting and drawing, to sculpture and installation, to video and performance. Creating art trains one to concentrate on details and pay more attention to the environment. In fact, art is a form of meditation, it is a therapeutic process in its own right, and it is used as an integral part of our students’ educational development.


Playing sports empowers our students to become part of a team. Sports help students forge bonds and develop problem-solving skills. They learn to deal constructively with disappointment and apply empathic reasoning while developing the ability to treat others with fairness and generosity.

At the Heritage Community, students have many opportunities to experience these invaluable life lessons. Our students participate in intramural team sports throughout the year and have the opportunity to try out for our competitive Heritage teams. Our teams compete against other schools and in city recreational leagues.

Sports offered at the Heritage Community include:

Winter: Basketball
Spring: Softball
Summer: Soccer
Fall: Flag football (boys)
Fall: Volleyball (girls)

Equine Therapy and Horsemanship

The Heritage Community stables provide students with a treasured haven where they can devote their time, participating in our equine therapy and Adopt-a-Horse programs. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including indoor and outdoor arenas, offer students multiple opportunities for growth, development and healing through horsemanship.

The Heritage Equine Therapy program, a unique form of experiential therapy, uses horses to promote and enhance emotional growth while addressing students’ therapeutic and behavioral needs. Students learn horsemanship and riding skills from our certified riding instructors. In addition, they engage in equine-focused group therapy sessions, facilitated by trained instructors.

Many Heritage students also enthusiastically embrace our Adopt-a-Horse program. In this program, students learn to train and care for a specific horse. This helps build confidence and empathy and teaches students how to forge healthy relationships.

Horses mirror humans in their social behaviors and response patterns. Through dynamic interaction with the horses, our students establish powerful emotional connections that allow them to metaphorically explore the problematic relationship patterns in their own lives. This helps them grow to new heights of self-confidence, conquer their fears and discover new talents and skills.

Our equine programs are exceptionally effective for students with emotional and behavior disorders, including those on the autism spectrum.

School Dances

At the Heritage Community, our students enjoy the same experiences that other teenagers do, including the all-important school dances. These much-anticipated events are held four to five times each year, providing our students with a break from their regular routines.

Over the years, countless former students have expressed their gratitude for the atmosphere we provide. Our school dances and the many other exceptional opportunities at Heritage are unique to our industry, allowing us to teach students essential and appropriate social skills, promoting self-confidence and preparing them for experiences they’ll have when they return home.