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The Heritage History
Decades of Treatment Excellence

Jerry Spanos began Heritage School, Inc. 37 years ago and is currently known as The Heritage Community. He recognized the importance of relationships in his own experiences and hoped to be able to pay it forward and help others heal.

Later, Jerry converted Heritage School, Inc. into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. He wanted to ensure that all who worked for the company would be focused on treatment and not on the bottom line.

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In more recent years, we have established two academies under the The Heritage Community umbrella in hopes of being better able to focus on each students needs. These distinctive and clinically driven programs are designed to focus on specific diagnoses and behavior so that the individualized treatment of every student is successful. The Elevate Academy focuses on trauma and those dealing with mental illness, while the Spark Academy focuses on those on the neurodiverse spectrum. Both academies have an the most comprehensive treatment modalities and experientials available in one place at their disposal to ensure the best possible treatment for your son or daughter.

Caregiving philosophy

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Our 19-acre campus offers the most comprehensive therapeutic milieu in the youth residential treatment industry, allowing your son or daughter to be in the best environment to heal. Our therapy aims to meet your child where they are, and then urges small, incremental steps towards a healing, engaged, empowered and fulfilling future.

At Heritage we focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships. Through healthy relationships, your son or daughter will be prepared and inspired to heal and thrive. Leadership is expected and consistently demonstrated in all our professionals and staff as we know every person can make a difference in your child's life.


We are constantly innovating and improving, striving to create the best care processes and protocols possible.

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