About The Heritage Community

 Heritage Leadership

Leadership in any organization, especially in mental health, determines the quality of care and service. As a learning organization, our leaders embrace change and strive for the best care processes and protocols possible. In The Heritage Community, leadership is not held at the top, it is something we expect of all our professionals and staff...because at Heritage each person can make a difference in your son's or daughter's life.

The Heritage History

Heritage began 37 years ago when a young therapist, Jerry Spanos, founded Heritage Schools, Inc. which later he converted to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to ensure that all who work for the company would be focused on treatment and not on the bottom line. Click on the link video and hear his story.

Heritage Accreditation

As one of the most experienced and well-know RTC programs in the nation, Heritage has the reputation of being transparent with all licensing and accrediting bodies. Our clinical, educational and residential program and our facilities have been judged to meet the highest criteria and requirements in our industry.