Therapeutic Boarding School Helps Troubled Teens

Can a therapeutic boarding school help your troubled teen gain the skills they so desperately need, such as self-discipline, self-esteem, mastery, trust and confidence?

Traditional therapy may not be effective for young people who struggle to overcome trauma-related emotional and behavioral challenges. However, thanks to the unique atmosphere it creates, a residential education environment may provide the structure and individualized treatment teens need to overcome those challenges.

therapeutic boarding school

The Many Challenges for Parents of Troubled Teens

Teens who face trauma-related emotional challenges often flounder in a traditional school environment. This occurs primarily because most public and private schools aren’t set up to provide them what they need for academic success, let alone self-regulation or the ability to forge relationships.

Parents often struggle even more than their teen, as they fight a seemingly futile battle to get through the wall of resentment, defiance and bad behavior. Academically and socially, troubled teens struggle to make critical connections.

Seeking help through counseling and related therapeutic models rarely produces meaningful results, as teens typically resist traditional talk therapy. But without some type of meaningful intervention, the problem can quickly devolve into disaster for the parents as well as the child.


What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Generally, therapeutic boarding schools provide students with educational programs as well as treatments for their specific challenges.

In a residential setting, these services typically are accompanied by structured opportunities for participating in sports and leisure activities, arts programs and social interaction with other students.

The atmosphere is designed to provide a less stressful, more nurturing environment for adolescents and teens, giving them the opportunity to focus on what’s important: healing and developing critical skills for independence and life success.


Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Teen?

For young people who experience trauma and other negative, early life influences, traditional education and therapy programs are often ineffective. However, when you place a troubled teenager in the safe environment of a live-in school, they have the opportunity to escape the negative influences that have previously impeded their progress.

The nature of a therapeutic residential school environment provides the structure teens need, along with research-based treatment protocols that are tailored to the individual student.


Elevate Academy, an integral part of northern Utah’s Heritage Community, caters to bright teens who have failed to thrive in a traditional educational setting due to anxiety, trauma or other emotional challenges. Our personalized therapies are oriented for results, helping students learn to live healthy, balanced lifestyles.


When you’re ready to get your troubled teen the help they need to succeed, contact us and learn more about the Elevate Academy residential boarding school program.