Why Staying Involved Matters

As a parent, you’re the most important figure in your teen’s life – even if they’re involved with a residential treatment center like Heritage and not living at home. They take their cues from you and often aspire to be like you, and your influence cannot be understated.

This is why we value parental involvement at Heritage. Our behavioral health programs are so much more effective if we have your help, and our ability to give your adolescent the care they need only increases. Here are some of the chief ways parental involvement can benefit your teen in our programs.

Baseline Expectations

A big part of our student treatment program involves normalizing and regulating daily life and basic expectations, and your reinforcement of these themes is vital. Vital messages will remain consistent across all the major figures in your teen’s life, which will limit any additional confusion or struggles they may already be dealing with. A unified approach is always the best one, especially where potentially impressionable youth are involved.


Knowing they have a support structure behind them can make the difference between success and continued struggle for your teens. Private schools like Heritage are extremely beneficial, but can lead to expected issues like loneliness and homesickness. The more involved you are, the fewer issues there will be in this realm.

Furthermore, the knowledge that you’re directly involved in their treatment will help your teen be more enthusiastic. You’ll be present at many of their conferences and will speak with them at least once a week, and this helps many young adults better deal with some of the more difficult social pressures.

Parental Benefits

Staying involved and vocal will benefit you as well as your teen. You’ll be more up to date on their treatment programs, and their progress. Don’t assume that some personal contact is only for their benefit – you miss them, too, and this is for you as well.

Educator Benefits

Our educators are Heritage insist on parental engagement because they know exactly how vital it is – for the teens and parents, yes, but also for the program and individual educators.

Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of your teen, and no one knows these better than you. You can be of assistance with everything from habits to likes and dislikes, and you can help mediate any larger conflicts that may arise.