WHO IS THE Elevate Academy FOR?

Students in the Elevate Academy have faced adverse experiences that have negatively impacted their physical, emotional and social well-being. As a result of their experiences they have anxiety, attachment issues, are depressed and are managing their feelings in unhealthy, dangerous or self-destructive ways. They’ve lost interest in activities they once enjoyed, avoid school and have distanced themselves from good friends, positive role models and family members.


The Elevate Academy targets the cause of diagnostic labels, the trauma the student has experienced. Combining the power of the Heritage Community with the most holistic and comprehensive approach to trauma, we transform detached and unmotivated teens into young adults who are engaged in life, empowered to live the lives they deserve and who are resilient in the face of adversity.


Engaged in treatment and in life.

Students who feel safe are present and engaged in their treatment, which allows them work through traumatic experiences and other emotional vulnerabilities.

  • Engagement through adrenaline producing, adventure-based experiences allows the student to be present in-the-moment and to feel alive.
  • Engagement through relationship-building with mentors and peers begins the process of relationship restoration with family and friends.
  • Engagement in life through discovery or, the rediscovery of healthy activities that they student is passionate about.
  • Engagement in their education through in an academic environment of excellence and rigor.


Empowered to live the life they deserve.

The empowering process takes place when a student understands their unique ecosystem and views themselves as competent and capable of setting and accomplishing goals.

  • Empowerment through intentionally designed treatment challenges.
  • Empowerment, individual growth and heightened self-esteem by using a strength-based approach.
  • Empowerment by learning skills to set boundaries, advocate for self nurture supportive healthy relationships.
  • Empowerment by facilitating an understanding of student choices and opportunities for students to select courses of action from options.

Resilient and determined to bounce back from past and future hardships.

Resilient students exhibit toughness and have an ability to bounce back during and after hardship. Those who possess resiliency adapt as needed in the face of adversity and quickly return to a healthy level of functioning.


Complimentary to a students individualized Master Treatment Plan (MTP) goals are the Attributes they are assigned to complete. The treatment team, including the student select Attributes from a library developed by the Elevate clinical team. By the time students are ready to complete the program they will have completed 4-6 Attributes that have bolstered character development.