Religious Diversity in Utah and Religious Offerings At Heritage

When one is visiting Utah for the first time, occasionally the assumption is made that everyone is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the “Mormon Church.” Such is not the case. The choices are tremendous. To help one navigate through the many religions located in Utah, Linda Walton, Chaplain and leader of the Utah Valley University Interfaith Association, and current Chair of The Utah Valley Interfaith Association created a very helpful resource. Use this website when you are planning a visit if you would like to attend services off campus.

Let’s say you are planning a visit to see your child who is at a student at Heritage. Within a 45 mile radius of Heritage, there are over 40 places of worship for various faith traditions. Let’s say for instance, you are Jewish and would like to attend Shabbat Morning Services. Go to and click on Judaism. A page will then open up showing you four separate places to attend depending on your interest or if you identify more closely with Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist or Orthodox Judaism. Addresses, times of services, and contact information is also listed.

Have you always wanted to visit a Krishna Temple but don’t have one in your area? There is one just 14 miles south of Heritage. If you come in July, the Llama Festival is especially enjoyable, or, if you are here in the spring you won’t want to miss the Festival of Colors. Should you visit at any other time you will probably get a tour and your questions answered by Caru Das Adhikary the founder of Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

Would you like to attend a Catholic Mass? Two miles west of Heritage is the beautiful St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Father Dave Bittmenn will make you feel most welcome. Baha’i, Baptist, Episcopal, Evangelical, Greek Orthodox, Islam Russian Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist, and many, many more, are also nearby.

Now you know what is offered off campus let’s run through the possibilities on campus: Communion Service, Mass, Catechism, Sacrament Meeting, Jewish Services, religious celebrations and holy day observances are all part of the possibilities with more added as the need arises. Interfaith Worship Services also take place each Sunday at 9:45 AM MST.  As a parent if you ever want to attend any of the Worship Services at Heritage, please do. After all, when in Rome…