Heritage had a very positive impact on my daughter and our family’s life. My daughter built some beautiful lifelong friendships, is a current 12th grade student, is currently earning five A’s and one B. She will start to working within the next two weeks, and has already registered for college.
Chase 2012
I have aspergers and I needed a place to help me with my problems so my parents saw Heritage. Heritage helped me by showing me how to be able to calm myself when I get upset. Staff were always there when I needed help they talk to me and helped me. Now I can control my anger without help. I can take myself away from my problems when I get upset I walk away when I didn’t in the past. I am helping disabled kids in a tap dancing class I am attending college to become an EMT and also pursuing my singing career and will be auditioning in America’s Got Talent in 2015.
Melissa S. 2012-2014
Heritage had a very positive, and strong impact on my daughter, and whole families life. My daughter built some beautiful life long friendships. She is a current 12th grade student at Maya Angelou Community High School. She is currently earning 5 A’s & 1 B. She will be starting to work at Wal-Greens within the next two weeks, and has already registered for college.
Loving Parents
After all your hard work with our son, we feel we need to let you know how he is doing. Thanks to all your support, determination, patience and more patience, compassion, and understanding, he is doing well. He is on a soccer and hockey team. He is not the best on either and his team does not always win, but he is not letting that bother him. He has learned to keep his mouth closed! He is volunteering in an after school program every weekday at a community center. He works with grade school kids playing games and helping with homework. He loves being there and the kids all want to be with him. He is doing well in school! He wants to go to college and is determined to maintain a B average. When one grade went below a B, he went in and did extra credit to bring it back up. He is now talking about getting higher grades so he can have more college choices. To hear him talking about a future that is more than ten minutes away is tremendous.He is keeping his temper in check. He has tried to push boundaries and we have held firm. He has said he is “pissed off” and stormed off. He returns within 5 minutes completely calm and ready to move on. Who is this kid?! He is still wheeling and dealing, but so far nothing that would get him in trouble. His energy level and persistence/stubbornness remain high. We feel like we sent him away and he returned the 2.0 version. Same kid, but now with coping skills for life. We are so grateful to all of you for your help in giving us our son back. We know how difficult he was, and we are sure there were times when he had pushed you to that place where you wanted to give up. But you didn’t. You kept working with him and encouraging him and us. There is no way we can repay you. We encourage you all to think of our son the next time a kid has verbally or physically pushed you to the edge. Think of him and know that somewhere under that kicking and screaming, there is a kid like our son who has potential and a family waiting for him to come home. You made our son a success and we firmly believe, if you can do that for him, you can do it for any kid. We know there will still be struggles ahead(we aren’t that naive!), but we are confident he will make it. Thank you for all your hard work, your belief in our son, and the support you gave us. We will forever be indebted to all of you.
We are forever grateful! He came home after 17 months, and will graduate with a diploma in June. What he learned at Heritage plus his application of all the strategies he learned is why he’s succeeding. Thank you! You change lives and families. There’s no better work !
Paul K.
Your great work helped save our family! Our son Jonathan was there for almost 19 months and has now been home for 2 years. He is productively living with friends and working a job, looking for more work. Thank you for the work that Heritage and your staff does, standing for families!