Spark Recreation Therapists help students increase emotion regulation, self-awareness, resiliency, and social self-efficacy through a year round adventure based program. Students in the Spark Academy have the opportunity to participate in weekly adventures including leather and wood working, snow sports, rappelling, water sports, and camping.

We believe that providing adventure programming, in addition to the therapeutic benefits, helps our students to engage from day one, increases their motivation, and gives them options to find something that might spark their interests.

We provide opportunities for students to feel success in an environment of acceptance. Through normalizing the idea that they will experience a variety of emotions the students are able to feel safe in trying new things. Teaching equipment names, uses, techniques, and covering safety empowers the students to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Each adventure is personalized allowing the creation of a mastery experience for every student.

Participating in these mastery experiences enables our students to communicate their feelings, increase their confidence in working through fears and anxiety, and strengthen their ability to make and keep friends.