Program Overview

In the Spark Academy, we spark the neuropsychological growth and development of our students. Our passion for and understanding of neurodevelopmental processes inspires every intervention. With this intentional focus, we propel our students toward healthier and more effective horizons.

This program focuses on three key areas of integral skill development: distress tolerance, adaptive skills and skills necessary for navigating daily life.

These areas of focus are highly interconnected, building synergistically upon each other. Even the best life skills cannot contribute to a healthy or effective future when combined with constant distress. The skills development process differs distinctively from learning principles or ideas. This process requires discipline, energy and productivity sourced from within the student.

Individualized Approach

The Spark Program holistically engages each student at their level and then undertakes skill scaffolding to build a healthier, more effective future. The path students navigate throughout their treatment will vary based on their diverse needs, motivation and the accommodations they require. Our unique treatment environment provides in-the-moment coaching aligned with the specialized skills the student is learning.