Residential School for Autism & Neurodiverse Teens

The Spark Academy is a co-ed teen boarding school and treatment center for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental challenges. Our focus is on skills development using a neurological framework and a trauma-integrated approach.

Skill Scaffolding

Our skills-based Spark Program provides tangible direction and clarity for students as they develop and acquire distress tolerance, adaptive functioning and life skills. In-the-moment coaching provides effective feedback, helping students develop confidence and setting up an intrinsic success mentality.

Trauma-Integrated Framework

Our relationship-focused approach uses a trauma-integrated ARC framework to build and enhance healthy attachments. These relationships create a safe and therapeutic environment designed specifically to empower students to feel comfortable and confident as they develop healthier, more effective life skills.

Neurological Processes

We engage our students on their developmental level and expand conscientiously from there. With a professional understanding of neurological differences, our team guides the development of new neural pathways, increasing competency in the executive functioning domains of inhibition, initiation, flexibility and perseverance.

Individualized Approach

Our multimodal residential program allows us to create treatment plans based on what we know to be effective for our students. Using innovative, evidenced-based practices, each student’s plan is tailored to the specific skills and unique approaches they need.