How Residential ASD Schools Prepare Students for College

A residential ASD school can give kids on the autism spectrum the skills they need to succeed in college.

Neurodiverse students face a host of challenges that neurotypical kids likely never will. Consequently, students on the spectrum can benefit from direction on how to survive — and thrive — in the college environment.

Residential ASD schools are designed to accomplish these objectives.

residential ASD school

College Poses Challenges for ASD Students

ASD students have many gifts, including great memory skills, abiding passion for topics that interest them and an obsessive attention to detail. However, they also face challenges that non-ASD students do not.

Kids on the spectrum often have anxiety resulting from social issues, including the inability to read social cues and interpret the words and actions of others. They struggle to accept and adapt to change, due to organizational challenges and a reliance on familiar routines. They may melt down whenever they experience anxiety, anger or frustration. And if they have not mastered the life skills necessary to function in the academic environment, they may face a variety of challenges that non-spectrum students do not experience.

If an ASD student has other mental or emotional challenges, such as anxiety or depression, their ability to perform well in college may be even further impeded.

Skills that Help ASD Students Navigate College

Neurodiverse students must learn to adapt to and function in a variety of situations, if they hope to succeed in the college environment. They need to master any basic life skills they currently lack. They must learn to interact in more socially normative ways to help them make meaningful connections with other students, professors, etc. But underscoring it all, ASD students need to develop confidence.

Because no two neurodiverse children are the same, ASD students have unique challenges and issues that may not fall into any of the categories listed above. Consequently, students on the spectrum need individual plans to help them master specific skills and overcome their own personal challenges.

How a Residential ASD School Can Help Prepare Your Teen for College

Residential ASD schools provide students on the spectrum with the skills they need to successfully transition into attending college and other post-secondary educational environments. With individual attention and evidence-based programs, students can master competencies that allow them to achieve a level of independence their parents may have believed impossible.

Peers Academy, a part of Utah’s Heritage Community, specializes in helping neurodiverse students develop the skills they need to succeed in life. Our therapeutic environment helps students feel safe, empowering them to develop confidence and forge healthy relationships. Our fully individualized programs engage students at their unique developmental levels, and using a skill scaffolding approach, help them develop adaptive functioning, distress tolerance and life skills.

The multimodal Peers Academy approach uses innovative, research-based treatment and education programs tailored to the needs of each student. If you would like to give your autistic child the skills they need to succeed in college — and in life — contact us today and learn more about our residential ASD school.