Heritage Sports: Present and Future

Sports Present and Future

Today in the sports world baseball is in full swing and basketball is ending with the Golden State Warriors in the finals trying to hold on to their title in the western conference. In the eastern conference the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached the finals for the second time in a row trying to knock the champs down. It comes down to these games to determine the NBA finals. The Warriors have won 3 of the 4 games and need one for victory to repeat as champions.

In Heritage sports news, softball is all done and all the boys and girls teams gave great participation throughout the season. Soccer season is around the corner as the next sport coming up. Get ready for some real good competition!!!

We asked Ian Petersen, sports director at Heritage, a few questions about the sports program and here’s what we got from him. When asked how is softball going so far he said, “It’s going ok; it’s always hard to make the teams even. Also to help kids feel like they have a chance of winning every single week.”

Another question we asked him is how he thinks Heritage sports will change in the future.

“We are trying to get things back to the good old days. Kids and staff used to take sports more seriously, and sports were more organized,” Ian said. “Also we are looking forward to a Heritage girls’ team, seasonal campus wide sports movies, and seasonal sports banquets.”

We asked Ian what he likes about being the sports director. He said, “I like seeing kids accomplish things that they thought they could never do before. Also to try things they have never tried before. I like to see homes become united and when they start working together. And I also like to see the whole school come together to watch the Heritage teams play.”

Ian gave an inspirational quote about the Heritage sports program. “I’ve seen countless miracles as a result of students’ participation and hard work in sports.”

By Derek (Student Sports Editor)