Expanding Horizons Through Innovation: Parent Teacher Conference

Parents sat with rapt attention as Wesley Kobashigawa, former Heritage student, shared how family relationships, environment and outside factors can lead to treatment. Their eyes lit up with hope as they internalized the vital concept of creating a transition plan for success. Parent Teacher Conferences at Heritage educate and strengthen parents and students, enhancing connection and relationships for the optimal treatment outcome.IMG-2874

Heritage invited all parents to participate in two days of fascinating workshops, and two days of therapy directed family activities, including a wonderful rendition of Peter Pan Jr., May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Celebration and the high school graduation. “Many parents were touched to see the musical numbers prepared for the high school graduation,” said Mckaye Treanor, Family Services Director.

From learning about attachment and the Stages of Change to fire-making and a drum circle, parents and students had a myriad of inspiring educational and recreational activities to participate in over the four day period. The personal care of each student was also highlighted as parents had opportunities to engage with treatment teams, staff and teachers to share their concerns and actively take part in planning for success.

“Activities with the home staff, panels, workshops and support groups are only a few ways we continually fine-tune the quality of parent teacher conference, “shared George Ballew, Clinical Director of the Peers Academy. “Every parent teacher conference, we assess the feedback to create optimum connection between the team, the child, and parents.”

Parent teacher conference creates an environment for educating the parents for when their child leaves treatment and the creation of healthy bonded families. Mckaye expressed, “We are able to help the parents understand their child more and the treatment experiences they are having. This then increases the depth of understanding between the parents and children. Having a solid transition plan in place is fundamental for each student as they move forward after treatment, this includes understanding what progress can look like and necessitates teaching a skill set for how to take healing at your own pace. A good transition plan has elements within it that can be utilized for a lifetime.”

Connection. Hope. Strength. Success. At Heritage, innovative parent teacher conferences strengthen foundations and expand horizons. George concluded, “Watching the parents reunite with their child and witness in a very tangible way the growth, emotional maturity, improved self-image and social skills of their child is the epitome of a successful parent teacher conference.”