TJ Fredette, older brother of Jimmer Fredette, introduced Jimmer to the Heritage student body, Heritage donors, BYU fans and others in attendance on Friday, June 16 at an event to showcase Jimmer’s superb shooting skills.  Few might have anticipated Jimmer would sink 92/100 attempts. It didn’t take long for national sports outlets to pick up on the news coming out of Heritage that night. Bleacherreport, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and The New York Times all mentioned or wrote about the event within 24 hours after seeing the tweet by Jimmerosity.

Jimmer 2
The Fredette Family Foundation teamed up with Heritage sports in a joint fundraiser benefiting teenagers from across the country. Both non-profit organizations sought pledges for each 3-pointer Jimmer would make out of 100 tries.

Attendees enjoyed refreshments from Sodalicious and Waffle Love and watched The Lonely Master, an ESPN feature about Jimmer’s career. Then Jimmer spoke about choices and how to respond to adversity. He said his professional career hasn’t taken the path he had anticipated. He spoke of these challenges and the choices he made to make the best of his situation.

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Following his remarks, TJ Fredette took over as emcee and warmed up the crowd as Jimmer warmed up on the court. Jackson Emery, friend and Jimmer’s former teammate, was onsite to assist. After a brief warm-up Jimmer began shooting and swishing three pointers in sets of 20. The swishes continued one after another. Jimmer took a brief break after 40 attempts with only three misses, to shoot a half-court shot which he drained on his first attempt.

Jimmer’s speech and shots can be viewed on the Heritage Facebook page which was recorded at the event via Facebook Live.

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Besides a successful fundraiser which raised a combined total of $200 per attempt, the festivities and fun that donors, the Fredette’s and students had that evening made it worth all the work. It took 45 minutes for those in attendance including families and students to get through the line to have their picture taken with Jimmer.

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