Coreen, Parent of a Former Heritage Student
Dear Heritage Staff, Thank you to all the Heritage staff. Each one of you was integral to the success of our daughter at Heritage. Please allow this letter to be shared with future families or anyone interested in your school.Our daughter arrived at Heritage at age 15 with extreme anxiety and major depression. Her situation was debilitating. She was no longer able to function at home and was no longer attending school. Many months have passed at home looking for the right help. The roller coaster of looking for solutions was rigorous and our family felt helpless and tired. Once ...
Mother of graduating student
Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in working with our daughter and our family. Without your efforts we would not be bringing M. home this Saturday, July 23, with a successful completion of the program and with more growth and progress being made in 8 months at Heritage than we have seen in the previous 5 years of residential treatment at other facilities combined. After being involved in some form of therapy program or another for the past 14 years, we finally have strong and lasting hope that M. will be able to be successful ...
David G.
I am honored to write this letter to Heritage. I was a student at Heritage in 2000-2002 and because of the philosophy of Heritage I am now able to live a successful life. I have recently graduated with my Associates degree and am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. I am always reflecting on the time I spend at Heritage and how I can honestly say that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had built relationships with other peers and the staff that cannot be explained in words. My experience at Heritage ...
Our son may never open up fully to anyone, it’s a drag to know how bad things are inside him at times and no one can get in. I have great respect for you, and those who do what you do for John. His happiness and smile are back & you had something to do with it – kudos! They can be so cool, fun and full of energy. He has been making me tired watching the work he has been doing at our new house. No negativity or combativeness, all cooperation so far – school, related appointments, eating, taking ...
I can’t express enough of my gratitude and amazement of your program. You are changing and saving lives! The love, support and professionalism that I feel when I’m there, and that was from the first day I set foot there, is so powerful and genuine, that I don’t know what to say besides THANK YOU!!! Also extend my gratitude to my daughters mentor, an absolutely wonderful woman! Have a great day, I now have new hope!!!
Our family wants to sincerely thank each and every one of the staff who were critical to recapturing the positive spirit of our son. Matthew truly has his whole life ahead of him because of the great therapy he had while being a resident of Heritage School. While the beginning of his stay was filled with anger, he quickly decided to “get with the program” and excel at all he did. Matthew was so successful that he managed to graduate with his class at his home school and is now in our community college doing very well. He ...
Years ago, when my daughter was very little, and very ill, I made her a promise that I wouldn’t give up until I found the miracle she needed to free her life from the emotional chains that weighed her down. I didn’t know what that would entail, how lonely the road would be, or how long the journey would take. But our journey brought us here, to the waiting and capable hands of the most committed group of people I have ever known. Heritage has, simply put, been the miracle we have been waiting for so long. I need to ...
G. & S. and Family
Today is Andrew’s 18th birthday and once again my thoughts are with all of you who helped make him the wonderful young man he is. We just got back from a family dinner and we took along a friend of Andrew’s who has had a very troubled past. At only 17 years old, he has lost both of his parents; his father years ago and now his mother on Christmas day. He stays with his step-dad and brother who are a terrible influence on him. He has been a long-time friend of Andrew’s and one of the boys he found ...
Brian D. L. Attorney At Law
My son, Kyle, went to Heritage for over two years. He had tremendous problems upon entering the facility and all I had was hope that he would get better. He did not actually graduate, but went to a step-down in California. I am writing this letter to express my most heartfelt thanks to Heritage. Tyler was a great therapist and Phyllis was helpful with everything (all the time!) My son is doing wonderful at this point. We do not know what the future will offer and what may happen, but as it stands now, Heritage has saved my son. At ...
Samantha O.
730 days is how long it took for me to realize how much my life was worth. Heritage was the last resort for me before being sent away to a state mental hospital. When I arrived at Heritage I was a very angry 13 year old kid. My childhood between the ages of seven and twelve were unbearable. Through therapy and help from Heritage staff, I was able to learn to love and respect myself. I have now learned the value of life. As of today I am a very productive member of society. I have a degree in Criminal ...
Casey 2010-2012
I had severe anxiety and depression. They helped me cope and deal my emotions and over come the past. Without having all the help from heritage I would not be able to even get out of my bed. I learned how to deal with normal day to day situations and much better obstacles as well. After I program completed from heritage I went to a step down and finished high school. My dad and I are still close. And I’m planning on going to college soon.
Sophie P 2009-2012
Before I went to heritage, I was abusing drugs, basically dropped out of school, and had a horrible relationship with my whole family. I was suffering from the loss of my father and countless other emotional problems. Heritage helped me figure out who I was as a person, tools on how to stay sober, and brought me and my mom together. I was able to recognize when I was getting into self destructive moods and how to get myself out, I was able to lean how to listen and follow directions from authority figures and I was able to graduate ...
Judy P. 2009-2011
It took a really long time, and a lot of two steps forward, one step back, but change did occur. It’s hard to say exactly when, because it was a very slow process. (He did not develop his issues overnight, so change also did not occur overnight). What I can say is that because of Heritage, he became the person he said he wanted to be. Because of the help he got at Heritage, he graduated high school. Once he got home, he still made mistakes, but he owned them. He didn’t blame anyone else for his situations or expect ...
David W. 2006-2012
I have had two sons attend Heritage. Their stay saved both their lives and helped them get to the next stage without dying of drugs. The older one is living independently with his dog and working at various part time jobs. He still has bipolar issues but is no longer drug dependent and is relatively functional in society. The most helpful programs were the surrogate parenting and the male bonding and mentoring he received from the maintenance crew on his second trip to Heritage.
Shelley O.
It’s been 3 1/2 years and although he had his ups and downs — he graduated from high school, has a great girlfriend and just got accepted to art school in San Francisco! Thank’s Heritage!
Sondra B.
My daughter attended Heritage on two separate times. She had been at several other residential facilities. However, it was not until she attended Heritage that she really started to heal and grow. She still keeps in touch with some of those she met at Heritage. I believe Heritage saved her life. She is also grateful for her time at Heritage and will tell anyone who will listen. Heritage involved the family and kept us up to date with what was happening. I trusted she was being cared for and receiving the help she needed. I would absolutely recommend Heritage to ...
Jarred S. 2009-2010
I was having problems getting along with my parents and managing stress at home. Heritage helped me better manage my response to stress and how to respond properly to anger. I think I left heritage better than if I had not gone there. Without heritage I would have been kicked out at 18 and either be in jail or on the streets. I am currently working as a data center technician. My job is to connect and maintain large corporate computer systems and make sure access to online websites and applications stay online 24/7.I also am living at home with ...
ML 2011-2012
The staff and therapists were incredibly informative and always willing to explain everything in detail. The parent weekends were welcomed and needed as the months passed on. Without the foundation provided by Heritage we may have not had the courage to continue. We are thankful for her time there and wish we could have gotten her there sooner. We have become a tighter knit family learning much about our structure while Lauren was at Heritage. Although she continues to struggle, we believe, her time at Heritage saved her.
One Parent’s Experience By: Dr. Stephen Cohen (written for his son’s graduation)
Son, I am honored just to be with you. Look at the person you are becoming, — bright, funny, and quick to laugh. I see a playful spark from your eyes. You’ve become a gentle giant to are a big man with a light touch. A giant of a person full of kindness. You are wise, and insightful, about yourself and others. You are transparent and open. You own your actions and their consequences. You run toward, not away from, you’re personal struggles. You are what they call in computer speak WYSIWYG–what you see is what ...
Former Student
Since heritage I have a sense of self-worth and value. It taught me how to properly deal with my depression, anxiety and anger in proper manner. Because if that I feel I can now properly function in society and I honestly feel like I owe that to heritage. M.H.