Specialized Treatment

The more we specialize, the greater our capacity to accurately diagnose and treat individualized needs.

We are fortunate at Heritage to enjoy our location in a multifaceted community that genuinely cares for its diverse student population and aligns us with resources designed to facilitate care.

In Elevate Academy, we focus on a cluster of situation-specific struggles and challenges that our students encounter. Similar to physical health, mental health is significant in every stage and every aspect of life. Caring for, protecting and defending the needs of our children who struggle with mental health issues is a serious obligation, and one that is critical to their personal empowerment and ability to achieve sustained success in their daily lives.


Life in Elevate Academy encompasses a therapeutic intention from the time students wake up until the moment they go to bed each night. These intentional opportunities expose students to the obstacles they seek to overcome, such as establishing self-care routines, advocating for themselves, participating in teamwork and interpersonal group interactions, managing emotional and behavioral challenges, developing self-efficacy and achieving independence. Each student has their own primary therapist who designs a treatment plan devoted to the issues which brought the student to Elevate Academy.

CORE Group Therapy

Students in Elevate Academy engage in group therapy within their home. Each group rotates through a diverse mixture of topics in a predetermined manner. Group therapy is designed to educate students regarding various internal and external factors that have had negative repercussions on their emotional, behavioral and interpersonal functions.

Specialty Groups

Students may be assigned by their treatment team to attend specialty group therapy, which meets once a week. Specialty groups are devoted to the specific issues that bring students to Heritage. Various groups address adoption and attachment issues, treatment engagement, trauma, transition and related issues. These groups frequently have a predetermined duration during which students will participate.

Therapeutic Recreation

Students take part in a weekly therapeutic recreation group with their home. These activities effectively align the principles of developing confidence and resilience through teamwork and leadership skills. Elevate Academy recreational therapists also direct adventure programs — innovative outdoor experiences tailored to each season. Some examples include hiking, camping trips, rappelling, canyoneering, skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing and mountain biking.

Chemical Dependency

For those students who seek to overcome the obstacles of substance abuse or chemical dependency, Heritage offers a program that can be integrated into their daily school schedule. This program is directed by a licensed therapist who specializes in substance abuse. Evidenced-based practices such as 12-step recovery, Prime for Life, Prime Solutions, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing help students develop awareness, implement knowledge and learn relapse prevention planning skills prior to returning home.


Heritage is fortunate to have more than a dozen extraordinary horses that form the basis of our equine programs. These programs are directed by an exceptionally adept staff trained in horsemanship and therapeutic protocols. Here, students have the opportunity to expand their repertoire of talents. Many students engage in specialty equine groups designed to address issues of confidence, trust, attachment and trauma. The equine program enhances the abiliites of our students to facilitate interpersonal dialogue with peers and become more aware of and sensitive to the needs of others.


Among the impressive amenities Heritage offers are our intramural and extramural sports teams. Sports participation creates a success mentality within students’ group dynamics. Basketball, volleyball and soccer are favorites among the formal sports programs we offer. Like a traditional school, our sports programs have some eligibility requirements for participation, including minimum academic standards and a healthy citizenship standing. Sports participation helps students discover new facets of their own character and those of their peers. Being a member of a team that represents their home and/or school is a valued benefit and a catalyst for increased opportunities and growth.

Performing Arts

Twice each year, we present an amazing staged performance showcasing our students’ creativity and acting talents. Students who prefer action behind the scenes rather than on stage also have opportunities to participate. Supporting peers in these creative endeavors is among the most memorable of experiences our students undertake while at Heritage.

Student Employment

When a student’s development reaches the desired level of maturity and awareness, the treatment team collaborates with them in applying for a job on campus. We offer many beneficial, resume-building opportunities. The treatment team can identify options that fit the student’s time constraints and help develop skills in an area of their interest.