The schedule at Heritage teaches students how to live a healthy, balanced life. Each day students are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment when they are stretched mentally in school and emotionally in therapy. They also look forward to free time, rest and recreational activities on and off campus. Following is a typical weekday schedule.

Role of Mentors

The Heritage Community boasts the most tenured residential staff in the industry. At every level, our residential staff model the management of a healthy life, engage students in seeking alternatives to their past choices and work to restore each student’s ability to connect and develop secure attachments.

Increased Connection through Extracurricular Activities

Our residential staff team plans daily activities both on and off-campus. Participation in these activities is essential to developing relationships and enriching the student experience here at Heritage.

Home Activities

Home directors and recreational therapists collaborate to determine which activities will most benefit each student, and they encourage and empower them to actively participate in planning these home activities.

Community Involvement

Elevate Academy students enjoy participating with the community in service and humanitarian projects, such as working at the food bank, singing at retirement facilities and participating in city league sporting competitions.