Benefits of Group Therapy for Struggling Teens

Struggling teens can derive substantial benefits from group therapy.

Many adolescents and teenagers don’t find satisfying resolutions through traditional talk therapy. However, with a group of their peers, teens struggling with trauma, anxiety, attachment disorders and other challenges can often overcome their resistance and begin making progress.

In a residential trauma treatment environment, a group approach to therapeutic intervention may be incorporated into an overall treatment plan that addresses the young person’s unique needs and challenges.

Group therapy for struggling teens

What Is Group Therapy for Struggling Teens?

A typical group therapy session is led by one or more qualified leaders — counselors or another type of trained practitioner. Group participants, who typically share common challenges, interact with leaders and each other to gain insights about themselves and find ways to overcome their challenges.

Therapeutic groups typically establish goals for the process, with each session bringing participants closer to the objectives they have set.

For teens struggling with trauma-related issues, a group environment can be especially powerful for the healing process.

Why Adolescents & Teens Respond to Group Therapy

Often, adolescents and teens resist talk therapy because they are unwilling to open up to someone they fear won’t understand. In many cases, past traumatic experiences cause teens to develop a distrust of adults.

When they are among a group of other young people facing similar struggles, however, teens are more likely to feel safe and less alone. This helps them open up and share with others in the group and with the group leader.

Struggling Teens & Gender-Specific Group Therapy

The benefits of group-based therapeutic intervention increase when teens engage in gender-specific sessions.

Although many adults can thrive in a gender-mixed group environment, adolescents and teens do not necessarily have the social skills to feel comfortable in a mixed group. And in many cases, teens and adolescents experienced trauma related to physical or sexual abuse. Opening up about these issues is sometimes easier in a gender-specific group.

Elevate Academy is a holistic, comprehensive program that combines academics, physical activities and therapeutic intervention. All our activities are designed to provide therapeutic benefits, allowing students to become empowered, resilient and re-engaged in life.

The level of therapeutic intervention we use at Elevate Academy enables our students to overcome their challenges and achieve independence. Each of our students has a dedicated primary therapist who, along with the student’s treatment team, designs a customized treatment plan that we frequently review and update.

As a part of our therapeutic treatment approach, students engage in gender-specific group therapy designed to help them overcome behavioral, emotional and interpersonal challenges.

Part of Utah’s Heritage Community residential treatment center, Elevate Academy specializes in helping adolescents age 12 to 18 overcome trauma-related challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we use group therapy to help struggling teens.