Can I take a tour of the Heritage community?
Yes! We encourage families to visit our campus to meet the professionals that would be working with your son or daughter and your family.
Are scholarships available?
At times we receive donations that allow us to provide partial scholarships. Please speak with our admissions officers to find out if a scholarship is currently available.
Do you accept insurance?
Some insurance policies may cover part of the tuition. We will help you apply for insurance benefits. However, the average number of days covered is typically only around 30 days. Parents should not depend on insurance to cover tuition.
How often do I get to communicate with my son or daughter?
Personal family phone calls take place each week in addition to weekly family therapy. Family members may also email or write letters as often as they’d like. Parents are encouraged to visit and attend parent workshops as often as possible. You will work with the therapist in planning visits.
Does school and therapy take place on campus?
The Heritage community includes all areas of focus (residential care, therapy and academics). Students also experience many off-campus activities as well.