Heritage professionals work together as a team to combine their specialized skills, years of professional experience and genuine interest to help each student realize their true potential.

Treatment teams, dedicated to each home within the Heritage community consist of at least the following professionals: therapists (average tenure of 11 years) recreational therapist, Family Mentors (average tenure of 6 years), and academic advisors. This group meets weekly to discuss the goals, progress and needs of the students. They explore ways to help each student reach his or her full potential. The collaboration that takes place within treatment teams results in powerful, individualized action plans.

Heritage masters-level therapists play a critical role as members of the students’ treatment team. Therapists significantly influence the development and adaptation of the students’ individualized treatment plan. They help train the residential staff on how to meet the students’ needs on the home and how to stretch and challenge each student.


Is Heritage right for my son or daughter?

Is Heritage right for my son or daughter? Our admissions team is here to listen and learn about the needs of your family and specifically your son or daughter. Give us a call so, together, we can determine if Heritage is right for your family.


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