Residential Treatment Center

Residential treatment center

At Heritage, our goal is to help adolescents with all their challenges, from learning to social to mental. Our residential treatment center is a modern facility designed with your child’s needs in mind, and our passionate team of professionals is dedicated to providing only the top level of care available.

We provide not only the tools for teens to succeed despite their challenges, but an environment, a therapeutic community, conducive to their development. Students are exposed to all types of therapeutic activities, from sports and recreation to community service and worship. Programs are tailored to the individual needs of students.

The Standard In Excellence

At Heritage, our core principles are excellence, respect and learning. Our goal is to build healthy relationships, and to help our students become healthy family members as well. During their stay at Heritage the students  entire family is involved in the process – it’s vital for the student to develop their family relationships as they work through their program so they can be better adjusted once they return home.

Therapy sessions range from individual to family and group sessions, each of which are designed to address the needs of the specific student. Therapy sessions help teens build trust and face their issues head on, and are building blocks for their social transition. Eventually, the goal is for students to be able to transfer everything they’ve learned at Heritage to the lives they’ll live once they leave our care..

Learning Life Skills

Many of our students come to the Heritage Peers Academy lacking basic social and life skills, and our goal is to comfortably lead them to a place where they can expand these skills without being pressured or overwhelmed. Our 24/7 care places constant emphasis on learning experiences through any outlets available – including inevitable mistakes and setbacks. We give our teens the tools to grow from all their experiences and come out on the other side more well-adjusted to face the world.

There’s a reason parents have been turning to Heritage since 1984 – because they trust us and our staff to provide their children with a safe and healthy environment. Our residential treatment center, including Peers, Elevate and Launch academies, has helped thousands of teens and their families with mental & behavioral health issues. Our family-based value system helps leave a lasting impression that strengthens a teens resiliency as they prepare to  reintegrate into the world.

Are you ready to open up your teen to a new, healthy way of handling their challenges? Heritage could be just the place for you.


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