Equine Therapy

At Heritage students have the opportunity to participate in our Equine Therapy program. This unique form of experiential therapy uses horses to promote emotional growth and address a wide variety of therapeutic and behavioral needs.

Heritage houses 13 horses in large stables and features indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Students who participate in our Equine Therapy program learn to ride from certified riding instructors. In addition, they take part in equine focused group therapy sessions that are facilitated by certified equine instructors. Many students also choose to take advantage of the Adopt a Horse program, where they learn to train and care for a specific horse, and work on building relationships.


Our equine program is especially effective for students with emotional and behavior disorders, and kids on the Autism Spectrum because they establish powerful connections to the horses, as the horses often mirror humans in their social and responsive behaviors. Through interactions with our horses, students metaphorically discover and explore the relationship patterns that are problematic in their own daily lives, build self-confidence, work on overcoming fears, and learn new skills.


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