Serving Others

Heritage students are involved in meaningful service on a regular basis. When students know they’ve made a difference for someone else their confidence increases. As they experience the joys of service, they begin to look for opportunities to make a difference. Learning to think of others and forget ones’ self is critical to living a happy, healthy life. Heritage actively engages students in meaningful service activities designed to create life-changing experiences.

Inspirational Speakers

Heritage regularly brings in inspirational speakers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to share powerful inspirational thoughts with the students. Heritage engages students in selecting, contacting and organizing inspirational events on relevant and timely topics. This approach generates greater student commitment and interest in events they helped organize.



Consistent with research and experience, Heritage knows spirituality is an essential component for health and happiness. This may take place in a variety of ways and expressions. Heritage designates specific times and activities for spiritual development where students are given quiet time they can use to meditate, contemplate nature, write a personal journal, write letters to friends and family or read inspirational books. We recognize the need for students to awaken and nurture their spirituality.

Interfaith Service

Heritage respects the students’ choice to express their faith according to their religious beliefs. Led by a Certified Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor, Heritage offers an Interfaith Service program that promotes awareness and voluntary observance of religious traditions and main festivities for several denominations. In addition, Heritage offers a regular non-denominational service, as well as Catholic, Jewish and LDS Services. This genuine respect for religious expression is deeply rooted in the foundation and practices of Heritage, which students often recognize as a distinctive quality of great worth in their lives. Spirituality is the golden thread in Heritage’s fabric of care.


Is Heritage right for my son or daughter?

Is Heritage right for my son or daughter? Our admissions team is here to listen and learn about the needs of your family and specifically your son or daughter. Give us a call so, together, we can determine if Heritage is right for your family.


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