The Peers Academy at Heritage

A Safe Therapeutic Environment

Heritage Peers Academy transforms bright, but somewhat anxious and seemingly introverted students into confident young adults. We are an industry-leading ADHD and Autism school that specializes in treating teenagers with social and learning disabilities.

Children diagnosed with level one Autism Spectrum Disorder (a high-functioning autism comparable to a diagnosis formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome), Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and Attention Disorder or Anxiety Disorder often benefit from special attention and additional support. Heritage understands the unique needs of these students, which is why we are a leading program in Utah and across the nation.

Heritage Peers Academy is the only residential treatment center that has certification in the PEERS social skills model. The model is comprised of 16 areas of emphasis designed to increase confidence, gain self-awareness, and enhance social skills through evidence-based practice.


Results-Driven Personalized Therapy

Through personalized therapy, expert residential care, ongoing research, and collaboration with a team of experts, Heritage Peers Academy offers a best-in-class program for your son or daughter. We put your child first by establishing consistent affective relationships with effective boundaries and consequences.

Academic Success

Heritage students are often very intelligent, but may have trouble realizing their full potential. Challenges like this can affect their development and success in school. In a dedicated classroom, certified Special Education teachers educate Peers Academy students through innovative scholastic methods. The Peers Education System leverages a student’s natural strength to optimize his or her overall academic achievement. With this level of expertise we are one of the top private schools for autism.

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Enhanced Social and Life Skills

Students with learning disabilities may experience challenges when interacting with others. They may also face difficulties in understanding social norms and developing healthy relationships.

Through the Peers Academy, students will learn to create more beneficial social interactions. They will gain skills to become more aware of social cues, and develop responses that will help them build healthier relationships. Peers Academy will also teach them how to interact appropriately among students of the opposite gender.

Emotional Regulation Skills Development

Students who struggle with emotional regulation can learn how to develop coping skills in the Peers Academy. In a physically and emotionally safe environment, students will develop skills that help them more easily identify and articulate their emotions. When students can effectively communicate their feelings, their anxiety and frustration levels decrease and, as a result, so do occasional outbursts.


Executive Functioning Training

As a premier residential center, ADHD, and Autism school, Heritage Peers Academy will teach students how to manage their time and plan their daily activities. We will also provide them with the tools that will allow them to organize and review the results of their actions. Our staff will help them adopt proven practices to build their confidence and organizational abilities.

Is Heritage right for my son or daughter?

Is Heritage right for my son or daughter? Our admissions team is here to listen and learn about the needs of your family and specifically your son or daughter. Give us a call so, together, we can determine if Heritage is right for your family.


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