Sundance passes

Students Invited to Experience Winter Fun at Sundance

Having fun is one thing Heritage School knows their students need and earmarking funds for fun is something Heritage knows is important.

Donations were raised in 2014 that allowed for the purchase of corporate ski passes to Sundance Ski Resort, less than 20 minutes from Heritage School.

“We wanted to do something all our kids could benefit from,” said McKaye Treanor, development director. “Through a private donor, the Heritage Team and Hero Funds, we raised quite a bit of money and bought corporate passes that are good from January through December of 2015.”

McKaye said any Heritage student or staff member is allowed to use the passes. Parents who come to visit their children are also invited to use them.

Skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, Nordic biking and snowboarding are winter sports included in the pass.

“A whole home of kids can go together or staff can take just two or three kids,” McKaye said. “The kids are really excited – some have never experienced winter sports. It’s another way to conquer their fears.”

The pass isn’t just for winter though; it covers all seasons, allowing for mountain biking and riding the lift to hike the mountains in warmer months.

Sundance gives discounts on equipment rentals if pass users don’t have their own gear.


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