Summit North and South

Heritage School Opens Two New Residential Homes – Summit North and South

Change is what Heritage School is all about and it doesn’t just happen for students –the campus evolves as well.

Heritage School hosted a PEERS academy open house on Aug. 19, 2014, showcasing the renovation of the previous medical building into the two newest homes for students.

“Five years ago we built the new Jerry Spanos medical building so the old building was just used for storage,” said McKaye Treanor, development director. “We received a large donation that enabled us to remodel the homes as well as the cafeteria.”

The homes that were created are specifically for the PEERS academy students, McKaye said. The PEERS academy is a program for students who struggle with social skills and disorders.

“PEERS students learn how to act at a dance or with a peer,” McKaye said, “how to end a conversation appropriately, do laundry and life skills like cooking. We wanted the homes to incorporate colors that were uplifting and calming.”

McKaye said the rooms have sensory items like fidget toys, stress balls, soft blankets and lava lamps. There are essential oil diffusers that help students relax.

The two new homes are named Summit North and Summit South. They have full kitchens and sitting areas where staff can interact with the 24 girls, 12 assigned to each home.

Supporters, members of the Chamber of Commerce, staff and parents attended the open house. They were allowed to tour the homes before students moved in.

“We answered questions about the PEERS academy, emphasizing that while we are a large facility, we specialize,” McKaye pointed out.


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