Students Give Back

Mr. Berrett is a special kind of teacher. Not only is he caring, talented, and a Ninja Warrior, he also has a heart of gold. As the month of December approached Mr Berrett took the idea to his classes about making gifts for Heritage’s staff. Mr Berrett said, “We want to give back to those who are always helping us. I thought of how much fun it would be for the student body to work together on a project. I was right. It’s been awesome!”

As there are over 300 staff this idea would take a lot of effort for all involved. What was the final decision? Mr. Berrett and his students would make over 300 hand thrown pieces of pottery. Incredible! Entering Mr. Berrett’s classroom is like entering Santa’s Workshop. Everyone is cheerful, working hard, and so excited for the gifts they are making.
By day Mr. Berrett is an art teacher. However, on nights and weekends he is a Ninja Warrior. (You may have seen him on last season’s television show) Unfortunately in his training a week ago he was injured. This slowed down production–but only for a moment. When the students saw how Mr. Berrett had a hard time getting around they upped their game. Students in each class worked extra hard and fast to keep their gift giving on track. A few others heard of the huge project, and Mr. Berrett’s injury, and wanted to help. To the rescue came Sam from the Academic Department and Chelsea from Tx Rec. They jumped in to help the students help Mr Berrett. Production is now on schedule and what they have crafted is absolutely beautiful!


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