Rec Therapy Day

No Snow? Plan B for Rec Therapy Day Brings Happy Exhaustion

February in Utah usually beckons people to take to the hills to play in deep, fresh snow. Not so this year. A snow day planned for Heritage students at Soldier Hollow was scrapped because there was no snow to play in.

Laura Bennion, lead rec therapist, said with nearly 200 people going on the outing, they needed another place that could hold everyone.

“We chose to go to the Provo Rec Center,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful facility!”

The Provo Rec Center opened in the spring of 2013. The spacious aquatic center has rock cliffs, slides, water falls, a lazy river and a children’s play area as well as regular pools. Other center activities include rock climbing walls, basketball courts, an indoor track and fully equipped weight rooms.

Bennion said one goal was to develop relationships between the students and staff. The students were split into two groups. The boys started out in the pools and the girls had their choice of other activities.

DSC_3630“The boys swam while the girls ran the track or climbed the rock climbing wall,” she said. “They could also take a Pilates class, lift weights or play basketball on the indoor courts.”

Many students were happy to have so many activities to choose from.

“It was fun! I really liked the pool,” said Kayla, a student at Heritage.

After each group played in their initial areas, they switched with the girls moving to the aquatic center and the boys choosing their activities.

“Some of the boys are really into weight lifting,” Bennion said. “Staff members were coaching them on the weights and they also played basketball together.”

Bennion said not everyone loved to swim but everyone got to pick something they wanted to do.

“It ended up being a warm day so we had lunch outside at the park next door,” she said. “It was a really fun day where staff and students interacted.”

The students were enthusiastic about the day’s activity.

“I loved it,” said Brandy, another student at Heritage. “It was so much fun to be off campus with so many people!”


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