Pep Assembly

Pep Assembly Encourages Fun and Recognition


One thing Heritage students might miss from not attending regular high school is the opportunity for leadership in student councils and the camaraderie, noise and fun of pep assemblies.

Cindy Booth, who teaches everything from anatomy to horticulture at Heritage, recently helped start a student council.

“This helps kids have a natural high school experience,” Cindy said. “They nominated and elected student officers and decided to have a pep assembly before sports championship games.”

The pep assembly held in November coincided with the soccer championships.

Students created a spirit award called the Soaring Eagle award, designed to honor staff members who had made a difference.

“Students nominated staff members for the award and then voted,” Cindy said. The first two recipients were residential staff members Rachel Ranieri and Charis Newbold. One student was also given the award to recognize their hard work. Erin Palen received the student Soaring Eagle award.

Staff members received a monetary prize and Erin had money added to her student account. The recipients also got trophies, an eagle head statue and large fake checks to add to the fun.

Teams played minute-to-win-it games resulting in losing teams wearing oatmeal or syrup, among available messy items.

“The students had a lot of fun with this,” Cindy said. “They talked about it for weeks and asked when we are going to do it again. Everybody had lots of fun.”

Teams also competed on stage in a dance competition with winners receiving awards. The assembly involved the whole campus, around 120 students.

Cindy said the student council is working hard to have a lot of fun activities and keep things positive.

“There’s a lot of excitement for things coming up,” Cindy said. She gave a peek into the next event, noting kindness week in February where campus-wide competitions recognizing acts of kindness will take place.


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