New Facility On Campus Opens Doors To Adventure

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May 14, 2015
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New Facility On Campus Opens Doors To Adventure

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People can accomplish amazing things when great minds work together.

From a brainstorming session earlier this year, Heritage School now has a new Adventure Shop, filled with various outdoor gear, all given by generous donors.

“They donated mountain bikes, long boards, skate board, helmets, gloves and safety gear,” said Brenda Norman, maintenance director at Heritage.

The idea came about as Keven Downs, executive director, his wife Lisa and her parents Bruce and Lisa Murdock, talked of how they could help the kids at Heritage.

“It was my in-laws’ idea,” Keven said. “They wanted to do something for Heritage that would benefit the kids in a really fun and powerful way so they asked me what we could use. We started to brainstorm.”

He said Heritage had just purchased a fleet of bikes the year before but there was no way to maintain and store them.

“The idea was sparked of how we could build a bike shop that could provide student jobs where they would learn the trade of fixing and tuning bikes and maintaining the fleet,” he said.

Lisa Downs worked many hours to get materials and labor donated.

“She went around and asked stores to donate to the project,” he said. “About $25,000-$30,000 was all donated.”

There are some key benefits to having an Adventure Shop. One is obvious – there are many great items the students can check out for fun. The other is the employment possibility.

“The student jobs are a coveted spot to work out there,” he said. “They love long boards. It’s the culture they come from since a lot are from California. Most teenagers love to get on a long board or a skateboard.”

Keven said local contractor Dean Petersen headed up the design and the building of the shop. Brenda added Keller Williams provided materials and volunteers gave labor at a day of service.

“We were able to find contractors, sub contractors, different stores around that helped pitch in time and supplies to build this whole deal,” Keven said, adding the ribbon cutting ceremony was held June 23, 2015.

He said there are future plans of partnering with Sundance and a local bike shop, the Bike Peddler.

“They teach student employees skills to help maintain bikes,” he said. “It is really well received. There are still some future things we hope to do like have snowshoes to check out. The dream and hope is to have it be a total adventure shop with winter activities too.”

While there are many benefits to having this new shop on campus, the ultimate goal was to help the students.

“The kids have really enjoyed having those things available,” Brenda said. “They’ve gone on bike rides and some didn’t even know how to ride but have learned to ride them with staff members. It’s such a great thing to watch.”



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