Man Camp Launched for Heritage Boys

Heritage recently treated the boys to the third annual Man Camp, a self-esteem building day with activities, lunch and a motivational speaker.

The theme for this years’ camp, held on August 11, was “Utilizing Heritage to Catapult and Launch the Student into Having Positive and Healthy Futures.” The activities were designed to help the boys understand ways to propel themselves into positive futures.

“Once a year we have a boy’s retreat,” said Tyler Young, therapist. “We take all the boys off campus to do fun things. This year we went to Rock Canyon Park in Provo.”

Tyler said the boys rotated through three stations during the five-hour camp.

“We had three different stations which were chosen based on the theme,” Tyler said. “One station was water balloon launching. We divided the boys into three groups of about 20 kids. They launched them into the air and tried to catch them in their shirts.”

Another station had the boys building miniature catapults out of rubber bands and sticks – then they competed for prizes for best catapults and launches.


The final station was teaching the boys to play touch rugby, taught by staff members at Heritage.

“We also fed them lunch and then had a motivational speaker,” Tyler said. “Jason Clawson used to be a therapist at Heritage. He no longer works there but we invited him back to speak.”

Jason had a visually engaging way of speaking to the boys.

“He has a stupid human trick of balancing things on his chin,” Tyler explained. “He balanced a ladder, a garbage can, other objects like a broom. He spoke about personal balance and also letting go of inner pain, not being afraid to show who you really are. The boys really enjoyed it.”

Tyler said the boys appreciated the day away from campus. Some liked the water balloon launcher that propelled balloons 100 yards into the air. Others liked the catapult competition.

“They really enjoyed the little catapults,” he said. “They liked to be creative and build something and then compete with their peers.”


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