Kelly Wosnik Joins the Heritage Team

Heritage is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Kelly Wosnik, DNP, NP-C, as the newest member of its medical provider team.

The Heritage leadership team recognized an opportunity to enhance medication management services, particularly the quality of communications and customer service to parents.

“Based on parent feedback, we initiated a search for someone who practices the Heritage philosophy applicable to medication management and psychiatry services,” said Keven Downs, executive director. “The philosophy Kelly demonstrates is excellence in care and communication.”

”I’ve known Kelly for some time. Kelly naturally exemplifies the Heritage way of providing care. She knows the importance of connecting with parents and feels a special empathy about parents being away from their children in treatment. She shows a sensitivity greater than any of the other candidates we interviewed. Kelly prides herself in meeting her expectations in rendering excellence in her service to Heritage Students and her communications with parents.

“In the short time Kelly has been with Heritage it is evident that she gives each of our students’ individual care. She spends time with them, gets to know them and cares about them and their families.”

“Kelly will be here on campus to meet with and interact with Heritage. She looks forward to contacting and working with parents.”

Kelly was born and raised in Reedley, California in the central valley near Fresno, an agricultural town. She came to Utah to go to Brigham Young University and has lived in the area ever since.

She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU and her doctorate from the University of Utah.

Kelly brings with her some experience from other residential programs.

“She’s truly unique,” Keven said. “Some prescribers don’t get to know clients, they spend five minutes with them and send them on their way. She spends time and effort to give good care. In the little bit we’ve been working with her she’s been phenomenal.”

Kelly said the most rewarding part of her new association with Heritage is working with the students.

“I just get a big kick out of those kids,” she said. “They all have their own story and they’ve had a lot of life experience, more than most adolescents. So if you spend the time getting to know them you can learn a lot from them. They tend to share their heart pretty freely.

“It’s been a wonderful experience coming to Heritage and meeting the staff.  They are wonderful – it’s been an easy and enjoyable transition from day one. They’ve been kind and supportive and excited to get to know me and patient with the transition. I’ve been really impressed. The campus has a nice feeling.”

“We welcome Kelly to the Heritage team,” noted Jerry Spanos, CEO and Founder of Heritage. Her contribution will make a difference to our students and their parents.”


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