Heritage Students Rock the Enchanted Night Away

Rock Enchanted Night Away

The highly anticipated Heritage prom, “Enchanted Evening” occurred May 20. It was believed to be one of the most ambitious campus-wide events. Despite some confusion over the location of the event, it occurred in the Performing Arts Center on campus.

Both Heritage faculty and students attended. Prior to the main dance, each home had time for preparation followed by a prime rib dinner. According to student feedback, the overall rating of the dinner was very positive.

Both the dining hall and dance floor were extensively decorated like an enchanted garden with lights and greenery. Dance refreshments included a chocolate fountain and cupcakes provided by our very own food services staff. Ramon said, ”I liked talking to people and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Elias also had a positive experience. “Prom was phenomenal. The prom committee put an extra effort into the setup, lighting and the appetizers. I enjoyed the presence of gorgeous, flawless, down to earth girl.” #perfectionatitspeak

“I liked prom, but I had to move around so therefore it was just OK,” said Alan K. #laziness

Jayden L. (CN) commented, “When I first got there, I thought it was going to be boring because it was in the PAC, but then I started dancing with people and ate some of the food and actually enjoyed my night.” #bestniteever

By Joon (Heritage Student)


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