Heritage Students Hit it Out of the Park

Hit out of Park

The intramural softball season finished a couple of weeks ago, and Heritage students did a great job hitting home runs, getting on bases and also getting out.

Here are some comments from some of the players during the season.

Max E. said, “Honestly some of the players lack baseball experience. I feel as though we have been playing pretty well, however, if this softball league only has seven guys (with experience) we would be no doubt be undefeated.”

Hit out of Park 2

Damon commented, “The team has great potential, but it needs to work on fielding, calling for the ball in the outfield, working on grounders, cutoffs, and pitch selection—other than that we’re looking great.”

Rob, staff and coach said, “I want my team to be more detached from just wins and the losses, and be more focused on doing the little things well. When you focus on getting the run, it suffocates you, especially during the playoffs when the pressure gets thick.”

Jonas #4 said, “After my suspension when we lost 18- 19, I realized that for the playoffs I’ve got to think bigger than my pride and put my team first,”

By Cody (Student Sports Editor)


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