Excitement at Heritage with Unveiling of Two New Plays

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November 10, 2016
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Excitement at Heritage with Unveiling of Two New Plays


While there is comfort in repetition there is also challenge in change. Heritage has performed the same list of plays for the past few years. This year Heritage has chosen two new ones for 2017.

“Heritage used to cycle through the same four to six plays each year, but we decided to do ‘Seussical’ to bring something newer and current into the student’s lives,” said Julia DuBois, events and foundation manager.

The other play chosen for this year is “A Christmas Carol.” She said these two particular plays were chosen because they have good themes and morals that will help the students.campus-performing-arts-center

“It’s nice to see the students develop opinions and questions from what you are teaching them, and try to fully understand the concepts being taught,” Julia said. “It has been a joy to work directly with the kids and really fuel their passions for all things theater and drama.”

She said auditions for the plays will be held at the beginning of each semester. “Suessical” will be performed in May and “A Christmas Carol” is scheduled for December.

Students will have the chance to participate by being in the drama club or they can take the drama class held during regular school hours. The time commitment is something students choose to take on.

“We will practice during class and club hours, and we will perform at the end of each semester during parent conferences,” Julia said.

Students will spend “10 hours a week or so, more than 160 hours by the end of the play,” she said. “Each play will engage about 15 to 25 students including leads, ensemble and crew members.”

“I believe that drama gives a certain therapeutic value because we are helping students work through the issues of the characters, which can in turn, benefit them,” she said. “It also helps them to see different situations from different perspectives.”

Julia said she feels lucky to see students grow in such a big way and wants them to take something away from these experiences.

“It’s fun to see them having fun, using their own creativity, and being a part of something bigger than themselves,” she said. “I would hope that they would feel like they are a part of a team, and that they would overcome some of their fears. I would also love for them to be more confident in their abilities and keep giving their projects 100 percent of their energy.”


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