End of semester music concert

Heritage Students Showcase Musical Talent

Some students at Heritage School take music classes because they already love playing an instrument. Others have never touched one before and start from scratch. Whatever the case, all music students recently had the opportunity to display their talents at an end-of-semester assembly.

Hans Baantjer, music teacher at Heritage, said the musical part of the assembly was comprised of students from the guitar classes as well as some piano students.

“We let each of our guitar classes perform a couple of numbers,” Hans said. “This might be the first time these kids are on stage. It’s OK to be nervous. Once they’ve done it one time very little scares them. It’s a great confidence builder.”

Hans said the music part of the assembly was about 30 minutes long. There was also a slide show presented by students in art classes and students in English classes presented poetry they had written.

Cindy Booth, a teacher of horticulture, careers, anatomy and other topics, used to teach the music classes and said the assemblies are something kids look forward to.

“We’ve been doing assemblies for about 13 years,” Cindy said. “It’s a time to show what all the classes did to celebrate their hard work.”

Hans said some students take the classes – guitar or piano – because they’ve had music classes before. Others have never played an instrument but want to learn.

“There are a lot who already have an interest in music,” Hans said. “The classes are electives so it’s a great time to get away from regular school.”

There are two guitar classes and two piano classes with a keyboard lab where students work individually and progress at their own speed. Class time serves as rehearsals and the assembly is the big performance.

While these might just be classes in the course of their school day, Hans said it has a long-lasting impression on some students.

“Once music is a part of their lives, it stays with them, even if they choose other professions,” he said.


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