Eagle Mascot Soars Into Heritage

Eagle Mascot Soars Into Heritage

There has been a soaring bird in the sky at Heritage – the eagle.

The Heritage School mascot has recently progressed from a mere logo into a full/live representation of the school. He made his debut during the “March Madness” reading contest earlier this spring.

The student council intended to have a primary figure to represent Heritage at community events such as sports or other projects. They named him “Edwardo the Eagle.” Isaiah (BN) was the eagle at the assembly.

“We had never had a mascot before to my knowledge,” said Ellen, student council advisor. “We thought it would be a great way to increase team spirit and pride in Heritage.”

The mascot gave hugs for $1 for fundraising during the Heritage performance of “The Wizard of Oz.”

“The mascot costume is hot and it’s hard to see out of,” claimed Caleb, an ISH staff member who modeled the costume earlier this month. “I couldn’t fly when I wore it and that was disappointing,” he said. “But it was soft.”

By Joon (Heritage Student)


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