Annie Get Your Gun rehearsals

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February 1, 2015
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Annie Get Your Gun rehearsals

Auditions to take place for “Annie Get Your Gun”

Students at Heritage School have the fun opportunity to act, sing and dance in theatrical plays. While Heritage has rotated through four plays in past years, it now has a new play joining the ranks. “Annie Get Your Gun” will be presented April 16, 17 and 18, 2015 and auditions will be held on Jan. 12 and 13.

“The treatment team submits names of kids who could benefit from being in the play,” said Brenda Johnson, residential director. “We take them to the auditions where the director typically teaches them a song and a dance. Very few end up not wanting to be in it.”

Brenda said the benefits for the kids being in the production are huge.

“It pays off on performance nights,” she said. “Most kids haven’t had any musical or dance training. The staff helps them find that hidden talent. It’s great for their self-esteem. They get this feeling of accomplishment and it teaches them the importance of being committed to a group.”

McKaye Treanor, development director at Heritage School, said 53 students have been submitted to audition for Heritage’s new play director, Traci Hainsworth from UVU. Heritage and UVU began a new collaboration regarding Heritage’s Loveland Performing Arts Center, one of the finest in the state. Traci, events manager at UVU, will direct plays at Heritage and UVU will showcase some of their own productions in the performing arts center.

Auditions will take place for the boys during the morning hours on Jan. 12; then the girls will have their turn after lunch. More auditions or callbacks can take place on Jan. 13 but everyone who desires to participate gets a part.

The plays are done Broadway style, according to McKaye. “We create unique, tailored costumes for each student.”

Rehearsals begin Jan. 26 and students give up off-campus time to rehearse four evenings a week.

“This play could be the first time a student’s family is able to see them accomplish something after so many struggles,” McKaye said. “They gain confidence, have fun and work as a team.”


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