Pioneering the Relationships Approach

Heritage treatment programs are based on proven, evidence-based practices pioneered by Heritage Founder, Jerry Spanos. The fundamental principle behind this approach is that meaningful, lasting change comes from the inside out. Not from external incentives or techniques. Positive, personal relationships are essential to facilitate internal change and healing.

Nurturing Relationships

The process often starts by developing a nurturing relationship between the student and the therapist. This will usually expand to include family, friends, faculty, staff and other students. As relationships of trust become ingrained in a new and more positive pattern of conduct, students discover the possibilities of a brighter future. Relationship Therapy is based on the principles of nurturing, physical and emotional safety, kindness, accountability, flexibility, boundaries and acceptance.

A Nurturing Community

Heritage provides a unique nurturing community where students experience success in a safe and positive place. Our unique residential community has become a refuge for students who have not been able to find their fit in the mainstream educational, psychiatric and social systems. At Heritage we are familiar with a success rate far above the national average. This is because of the following distinctive traits of Heritage:

  • Vision, passion and commitment of the staff members at Heritage School.
  • Courage of our students, who overcome a lifetime of challenges, anger, and resistance.
  • Innovative, relationship-based therapeutic model.
  • Generous contributions of friends and parents.

Is Heritage right for my son or daughter?

Our admissions team is here to listen and learn about the needs of your family and specifically your son or daughter. Give us a call so, together, we can determine if Heritage is right for your family.


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