July 15, 2015

Seasonal Affective Disorder

By John Nielsen, LCSW We have shifted into the fall season in Utah at Heritage. It is a great opportunity to discuss the impacts seasonal changes have on mental health. Autumn usually brings shorter periods of daylight and crisp evenings. The leaves begin to change to yellow, orange and red. This is the beginning of a depressive phenomenon called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD for short. Most research agrees that this type of depression can cause disruptions to our mental health. The symptoms may be subtle, just as the changes of the season in the fall.  Most clinical belief is […]
July 8, 2015

Cutting and What it Means

By George As a parent or caregiver, it’s very scary and unnerving when you find out your child has been cutting. One father said, “I was weirded out. Why would someone do that to themself? I was afraid she was trying to commit suicide.” It can make you feel powerless, confused and even angry. Some things that may help:   Your child is not attempting suicide when he is cutting. The reason why a child cuts or burns himself (also called self harming) can vary. “I do it because I feel numb all the time and it makes me feel […]
November 1, 0201

How to Re-Engage a Teenager Who Suffered Trauma

For some teens and children, trauma is a part of life that they are unable to escape. After a child or teen suffers from a traumatic experience you might find that they withdraw from the activities, relationships, and situations that they once loved; in some cases your teen may even start experimenting with things like drugs and alcohol. While you might not be able to change the past and erase the trauma—whether it’s a natural disaster, or a man-made event such as a car accident, crime, or abuse—there are things you can do to help re-engage a teenager who has […]


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