Autism School

Private schools for autism

At Heritage, we know the struggles of a child with autism. As one of the premier private schools for autism, we’ve been helping adolescents face autism and other mental challenges for over 30 years.

For teens with autism, adjustment to daily life processes are often some of the largest hurdles to clear. Social and language issues can cause barriers, but our expert therapists and Family Mentors are experienced with altering thought processes so teens succeed in spite of their challenges.

Family Involvement

The Peers Academy, our autism school and program is about helping teens face their issues in more productive ways, but it’s also about developing the whole family’s approach to the challenges autism presents. Parents and siblings are involved in the therapy process, which also includes individual sessions and group sessions with other teens of a similar age.

Support is vital as adolescents progress through their program, and parental and family involvement reinforces the knowledge that they aren’t alone in this struggle. Our staff will coordinate with families through every step of the process this is a group effort and we’re all in it together.

Feeling Valued Through Development

Within our autism school program, keeping kids feeling engaged and important is a primary focus. Every case is different, and we don’t broad stroke any part of the process – their individual needs come first, and our staff coordinates between departments to ensure that care is optimally provided.

Another way students feel valued is through seeing real progress, and Heritage presents just the right level of challenge to make this happen. We don’t want to overdo things and frustrate your son or daughter, a process that can set their progress back, but we won’t coddle them and limit their potential either. A staff with decades of experience in the autism and child development field is experienced in recognizing which challenges your child can handle.

At Heritage, students in our autism school program will learn through a combination of experience and skill-building. This isn’t an isolated classroom where they’ll learn rote processes and then be sent out into the world for trial by fire – teens leave our program with the skills needed to solve future problems and succeed as individuals. Activities are common, both within our program and off-campus, and social experiences are prioritized for children who struggle in these areas.

Autism is a constant struggle for both patients and their families, but Heritage is here to lend a helping hand.


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