ADHD Schools

ADHD Schools

For both children and parents dealing with the pressures of ADHD, daily life can be a significant struggle. Social integration is often very difficult, and children whose issues prevent them from learning optimally can fall behind and begin a cycle of pressure and stress that sometimes lasts years or decades.

At Heritage, our ADHD school is tailored toward addressing these issues at their roots. We want teens to be in harmony with their challenges, their families, their friends, and most of all themselves. We teach not only learning skills but life skills designed to stick with adolescents as they leave our program and re-enter the world at large.

Expert Staff

Our Heritage staff of therapists, Family Mentors, and academic advisors are well-trained to provide the individual care and attention your child needs. Our therapists have an average tenure of 11 years, and our Family Mentors an average tenure of six years! An experienced staff that’s seen every potential problem is the best way to ensure none of your teen’s ADHD challenges are slipping through the cracks.

Therapy takes place in both individual and group settings and staff members from various disciplines meet weekly to plan, assess and integrate your child’s Master Treatment Plan. Data-based elements combined with well-trained observation, relationship building and hands-on application of new techniques learned combine for a powerful treatment experience.

Personalized Care

No case of ADHD is exactly the same, and at Heritage we treat every child with individual care and attention. Therapy programs are tailored directly to specific individual needs. Our focus isn’t simply on correcting problems, but rather finding organic, permanent changes to thought processes which will give teens the skills to conquer future obstacles on their own.

Teens will be exposed to several different kinds of programs and activities within our ADHD school and programs, with a goal of broadening their horizons and opening them up to new experiences. They’ll be challenged at times, but all within a comfortable, therapeutic environment where mistakes are viewed as chances to learn and grow.

In our ADHD programs, adolescents are better equipped to live a balanced and healthy life. They come to embrace their challenges instead of suppressing them, and leave our facility better able to function in the real world. The sense of accomplishment they find from seeing real progress is what brings us into work every day, and seeing our teens flourish and succeed despite struggles they never asked for brings us true joy.


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