February 27, 2017
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Motivating the Unmotivated Teen

Parents have used all kinds of motivational tactics to get their teenager to do things they don’t like to do. We use such tactics as rewards, punishments, cheering them on, lectures and, as a last resort, the futile argument of reason. I have seen that parents tend to do these things because they don’t know what else to do. We think if we use the entire arsenal in our toolbox, at some point the motivational light will go on or we will just somehow inject motivation into them. Most people tend to misunderstand motivation. When we want to motivate our […]
February 24, 2017
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Help Your Troubled Teenager by Taking Care of Yourself

At the beginning of a flight, you’ll often hear flight attendants state “In case of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will deploy,” and ask passengers to, “Please place the mask first on yourself and then assist children or other passengers.” The logic being we first must help ourselves before we can help others. However, as parents, we often put all of our children’s needs and well-being before our own. Still, like the analogy suggests, when it comes to self-care it is important to ensure our oxygen masks are securely in place, so to speak, before we can begin […]
February 8, 2017

Encouraging Students with Autism to Try New Things

Anxiety and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often go hand in hand. Individuals on the autism spectrum can experience significant anxiety when it comes to trying new things. As a recreation therapist for more than 15 years, I’ve seen anxiety when students branch out and try new experiences ranging from wood carving to acting on stage to sports and/or outdoor recreational activity. Here are four tips I have found to be helpful for decreasing anxiety for students on the autism spectrum given any level of new activity. MENTALLY PREPARE: Talk with your son or daughter about what they are going to […]


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